Global Property Investment

With access to high-potential international real estate investment opportunities and expert consultancy teams, deVere Switzerland is strategically positioned to deliver individual, tailor-made financial planning for your prospective property investments.

Capital growth

Historically speaking, property investments offer excellent prospects for capital growth. The constant trend in the property market clearly shows that real estate prices grow in stable markets in the medium-to-long-term. However, finding the right country to invest in is no-easy business, but the benefits to be reaped far outweigh the negatives.
If the risks are with care and professionalism, property investment provides a safe and viable way to channel growth into your investment portfolio.


Real estate offers the opportunity to maximise your investment capital in a way few other asset classes can. Leveraging your capital by securing a mortgage against the property enables you to achieve returns that would otherwise require a much higher level of personal funding with other forms of investment.


Even in economically uncertain times, buying property is a robust investment that will inevitably carry on delivering results. As demand across the world continues to increase, property will always remain a valuable and sought-after investment.

Mortgage payment solution

Property investment also allows for a self-solving mortgage cycle. In fact, investing in property allows you to have your tenants pay down your mortgage fees, while you just sit back and watch your investment grow in value.

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