UK and Switzerland sign more post-Brexit agreements

28 Jan 2019

britain euSwiss President and Finance Minister Ueli Maurer and UK Chancellor Philip Hammond have signed two post-Brexit deals in an effort to maintain smooth cooperation between both countries.

As reports, the agreements, which were signed at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on Friday, allow the current rules regarding road transport and non-life insurance to continue without any interruption post-Brexit.

The insurance agreement allows non-life insurers to set up and operate branches in the other country, while the road transport agreement ensures that authorisation requirements can be waived, transport of persons and goods by road is kept in place and the administrative burden is kept low and under control, according to the finance ministry.

The Swiss government has worked to keep the country’s ties with the UK working smoothly, initiating agreements as part of its “Mind the Gap” strategy. Since October 2016, when the Swiss government decided on maintaining and expanding certain reciprocal rights with the UK, Bern and London have concluded several agreements – including on residential rights.