At the end of the month, Switzerland will be removing quarantine requirements those who were vaccinated who can prove they have recovered from the virus. The government announced this news during a press conference, as well as pointing out the next steps for the country in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Switzerland will be easing a number of the measures that were imposed to minimise the spread of the virus. As a result, as from May 31st, restaurants will be allowed to serve food indoors, larger events will be able to take place and those vaccinated people will not have to stay in quarantine. 

However, the government will continue to monitor the number of coronavirus cases until the 26th of May and may change the decision. 

New quarantine rules are expected to be announced in the coming days. For example, those arriving from countries or regions with high coronavirus numbers may still need to stay in quarantine. 

Home affairs minister Alain Berset said, “We want to enable a return to normality – and restaurant interiors are part of that.” 

Moreover, the government continued to recommend that companies keep on suggesting to their employees to work from home if possible. 

Economics Minister Guy Parmelin said, ““The catering industry, but also tourism, need time to find a balance. Companies must be aware that the support of the government will decrease gradually with the re-openings and will one day end.”

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