Switzerland and Zambia plan to cooperate further

10 Jan 2019

flagsThe Swiss Government has praised Zambia's bilateral relations and economic cooperation with Switzerland.

Federal Councillor and Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Ignazio Cassis, said that since independence, the two countries have shared good relations and have positively cooperated in the interest of the citizens of Zambia and Switzerland.

The countries have also signed several agreements, such as regarding the protection of investment and agreement against double taxation.

Mr. Cassis pointed out that Zambia’s exports to Switzerland have increased significantly, totalling to more than what it exports to China, South Africa and the U.S. combined. Switzerland is now Zambia’s largest trading partner, with about 44.3% shares in Zambia’s exports.

According to Mr. Cassis, who was speaking with President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka, Switzerland could invest in areas including pharmaceuticals, mining, cement production, agriculture and commodity training and in turn benefit Zambia.

President Lungu expressed his satisfaction with the two countries’ relations having been beneficial to the people of both Zambia and Switzerland.

Mr. Cassis went on to note that the Swiss government is impressed by the bilateral relations between the two countries, adding that he hopes to further strengthen their ties.