Huawei to majorly invest in Switzerland

24 May 2019

officesChinese telecoms giant Huawei has revealed plans to invest in research in Switzerland, thereby creating about 1,000 new research jobs, Swiss Info reports.

Switzerland is an ideal research base for Huawei due to its technical institutes and of course, being a neutral and stable country.

Huawei deputy director for Switzerland Felix Kramer told Swiss television SRF that plans were still in the process and no set itinerary had been established.

Kramer revealed that Switzerland’s top skills would be prioritised, as long as they are relevant for Huawei in the medium term.

He told SRF: “We are particularly looking for this expertise in the fields of physics, IT, nanotechnology, science of materials and other sciences,” adding that the firm also anticipates “forms of interdisciplinary cooperation”.

Huawei has revealed that it also plans to invest in other European countries, each time taking into consideration the country’s strengths; with plans to invest in an industrial design institute in Paris and a centre of expertise in London for global finance.

This comes at a time when Huawei is facing struggles driven by the Trump administration’s ban, which does not allow Huawei to acquire technology from US firms without government approval.

As Swiss news agency Keystone-SDA revealed, Swiss telecoms operators have no intention of cutting ties with Huawei – unlike several other operators elsewhere. The three major Swiss operators have all kept Huawei’s smartphones on their catalogues, while one of them – Sunrise – is also developing its 5G network using technology developed by Huawei.