Swiss Rail provides additional discounted tickets for passengers

27 Mar 2019

ZermattSwiss Rail is going to be providing discounted tickets to passengers in the year of 2019, Le News reports.

The company recorded a profit of CHF 568 million in 2018, 42.5% more than what was earned in 2017. Although the increase was partially accredited to higher spending for maintenance, taxpayers also help contribute greatly.

The company received CHF 3.5 billion of public funding in 2018, with CHF 2.7 billion of it booked as income. Without this help from taxpayers, Swiss Rail would have incurred a loss of CHF 2.2 billion.

The company has in turn decided to use its profits to give discounted tickets to passengers, with travellers having made use of CHF 80 million worth of ticket discounts in 2018. Five million discounted tickets were sold throughout the year, excluding standard reductions for half price pass holders.

For the year of 2019, CHF 100 million of discounts will be offered to travellers, with some tickets discounted by 70%.

Half price pass holders will receive a CHF 15 discount on renewal and a CHF 20 upgrade voucher, those with point-to-point travelcards will acquire a CHF 100 voucher and those with GA travel cards will not be required to pay filing fees any more.